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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Campus Town?
    Campus Town is a private off campus apartment complex. A state of the art apartment community that is specifically developed for students attending The College of New Jersey (TCNJ).
  • Why should I live at Campus Town?
    There are several reasons why but a few do stand out: Academically focused student community Fantastic location - located right across from the TCNJ campus for a convenient commute to class! Excellent maintenance response - 24 hour emergency and one day response for non-emergencies
  • What is included in my apartment?
    Your rent will be fully inclusive and include: Fully furnished: living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture, including desk, desk chair, dresser and full-size bed Appliances: in apartment washer/dryer, refrigerator, stove, microwave, and dishwasher Utilities: extended cable TV, Internet (Ethernet & Wireless), water, heat, electricity, and central air-conditioning For a list of things that you will need to bring and not to bring, please see the PDF provided below.
  • What is included in my community?
    24 Hour Emergency Maintenance TCNJ Campus Police Response Resident Parking in designated parking lots (additional cost) TCNJ Fitness Center - located in Campus Town Building 700 Ground Floor Easy access to retail and eateries (Campus Town Retail)
  • What policies are in place to foster safety at Campus Town?
    Residents are expected to be mindful of their safety by being actively involved in making positive decisions. Campus Town requires a fob access key to enter the residential portion of Campus Town. A member of the professional staff, as well as, 10 Resident Assistant (RA) student staff members live in Campus Town for after-hour emergencies. Campus Town also has number of rules in place to foster a safe and enjoyable living environment for all of our residents. You can check out our Rules & Regulations under the "Residents" tab.
  • Can I have a pet if I live at Campus Town?
    Unfortunately, pets other than fish in a 10 gallon or less tank, are not allowed in Campus Town apartments. This also includes any visiting pets.
  • What are Campus Town community standards / rules?
    Campus Town residents are subject to The College of New Jersey Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Students are also responsible to adhere to any additional rules that are included in the Campus Town Resident Handbook.
  • Where can I park if I live at Campus Town?
    Campus Town has parking available but it is not guaranteed. Residents interested in parking will pay an additional fee. Applications for parking are currently available to residents who have completed their lease paperwork.
  • Do I need an on-campus meal plan?
    Students who live at Campus Town are not required to purchase an on-campus meal plan. Your apartment has a full kitchen for you to prepare meals.
  • What are the eligibility requirements to live in Campus Town?
    To qualify for residency, you must be a matriculated, full-time or part-time (or equivalent), student enrolled at The College of New Jersey. You are expected to remain in good standing at The College of New Jersey for the entire term of the Lease Agreement.
  • How do I apply to live in Campus Town?
    Applications are available on our website or you are welcome to visit our office. Any student who is eligible to live at Campus Town may submit an application. However, leases will be available based on a first come, first serve basis based on availability.
  • Who can live at Campus Town?
    Campus Town was built to meet the needs of upper class students at The College of New Jersey. Currently Campus Town is accepting applications from all TCNJ students Applicants will receive leasing materials as space is available Students must provide a copy of their unofficial transcript of if you are a transfer student provide a letter of acceptance to TCNJ.
  • What paperwork do I need to complete to live in Campus Town?
    You must complete an online application and provide proof of enrollment at The College of New Jersey. Campus Town's acceptance of an application does not guarantee an apartment assignment. Once your application is approved and space is available, Campus Town will send you leasing materials based on availability. The lease paperwork must be returned by the deadline given to guarantee your housing. Campus Town management may notify you that your housing offer is cancelled and re-offer space to another applicant if lease materials are not submitted by the deadline.
  • Can I live with my friends?
    You may request a roommate by listing him or her as a preferred roommate on the application. Gender inclusive housing is offered but is not guaranteed unless you can fill an entire apartment
  • How much does it cost to live at Campus Town and when is rent due?
    The Campus Town rates are ALL INCLUSIVE! This includes furniture, appliances, cable/internet, utilities and community amenities. The rates at Campus Town are based on the type of apartment you choose to live in and how long you wish to live in the apartment (academic year or annually) For information about rates, please visit our section Floor Plans
  • What is a guarantor of lease?
    All residents are expected to have a guarantor of lease. The guarantor is someone other than the resident that is over 21 years of age that "co-signs" the lease. The guarantor would be expected to adhere to the financial responsibilities of the lease if the resident failed to do so.
  • Can I use my financial aid to pay my rent at Campus Town?
    If a resident has documentation of an overage in their financial aid, they may defer some or all of their rent in anticipation of that refund. Details about defering part of the rent payment in anticipation of a financial aid refund will be provided prior to your move in. Rent can not be deferred for Summer Housing. Residents will have the opportunity to submit their documentation twice a year to see if they qualify to have some or all of their rent deferred. Campus Town will send emails explaining the process and when they can submit their request/documentation.
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